Cookies are string files that are placed by the user's browser, this allows us to make your experience better.
Meepogi uses cookies only for the purpose of improving the user experience and creating dynamic interactions. The data entered in the cookies are only strings (multiple alphabetic or numeric characters).
All the data that the user provides to Meepo, whether logged in or not logged in, remain safe. This data will not be resold to third parties or exported to external datacenters.
Users can freely use the service provided, but they also make commitments to us to respect the rules.
  • The user who registers declares that he has reached the age of majority and that he can access types of pornographic content. (+18)
  • At the time of registration it is assumed that the user has informed himself about the conditions and terms for using the service. It also declares that it will be updated regularly in case the conditions and terms of the service change in the future.
  • The user is not obliged to provide his true identity at the time of registration, in order to protect his privacy. But he cannot in any way pretend to be other people or create moral, intellectual or psychic damage to people whose identity he has stolen.
  • The user cannot collect information, disclose it or sell it under any circumstances. Unless this information is from the user himself who voluntarily decides to share it. Information can only be shared if information is personal and of no other nature.
  • The user cannot modify, transform, create derivative works or trace the source code of our products or their components.
  • The user cannot take actions that lead to the interruption of the service or to the interruption of the service of other users.
  • The user cannot take actions that lead to the interruption of the service or to the interruption of the service of other users.
  • The user cannot publish contents of the service published by other users, this is because the right of the contents belongs to the one who published them.
  • The user agree not to use content that is offensive, offensive to other users, discriminatory or illegal content.
If there is content on the site, which belongs to another person or entity, the latter has the right to request the removal of the content. If you wish to request the removal of the content, just send an email. Within 72 hours the content will be checked and if it violates this rule, removed.

If there are affiliate services on the site, all rights belong to their respective owners, Meepogi does not guarantee the management of the data of the affiliate services, which are subject to the terms and conditions of external services.
  • We reserve the right to block, ban, or delete the user's account without giving any explanation or notice.
  • If the user is not active for a set amount of time, we can delete his account.
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